Hendrix Garcia

Since early Hendrix was part of the stars in this constellation of music lovers, he began at the age of 6 years his first music lessons at the regional conservatory. At the beginning he devoted his time to the study of Violin

After the first contact with electronic music he saw a new way forward, he began to study music production with the purpose of transmitting his message through sound trips marked by melodic lines and bass lines straight and engaging for the track

A true commander of his cabin, as a DJ he can take his passengers on a long and deep journey to the most sensitive point that can reach our musical experience. A born explorer of sound frequencies, Hendrix brings in his project a constant metamorphosis of musical profile always seeking what is new in his astral time without ever losing its roots. His keen sense leads him not only to understanding his audience, but to a journey of evolution, connection, and self-knowledge through Music